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Multimedia - Headphone

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ATH - W5000
Lose yourself in the experience of amazingly rich, high-fidelity sound. Equipped with striped ebony housing for superb acoustic characteristics, the ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones achieve new levels of audiophile sound quality and listening comfort.
Rp 14.369.000
Headphone HD 700
These awesome, open circumaural headphones with tuned, highly-efficient drivers and only the finest acoustic materials will please even the most discriminating audiophile. They also look and feel great.
Rp 11.275.000
Sennheiser HD 700
HD 700, Headphone, 150 ohm, 105dB, 10-42,000 Hz
Rp 11.000.000
ATH - AD2000
This has been in the market for a while but we finally got our mits on this open air monster and put it through its pace’s with a variety of amping and music
Rp 10.155.000
ATH - AD2000X
ATH-AD2000X audiophile headphones combine elite audio performance with the comfort of an open-air design. With feather-light honeycomb casings and magnesium alloy componentry, these headphones give you hours of stunning stereo listening, without fatigue.
Rp 9.941.000
ATH - W1000X
The new ATH-W1000X wooden headphones provide stand-out style with definitive yet delicate sound reproduction.
herry trees produce one of the most desirable woods used to construct pianos and violins because of its graceful sound quality. Audio Technica uses hand crafted polished Black Cherry Wood cut from a single piece for the creation of the ATH-W1000X headphones - See more at:
Rp 8.767.000
Q 701
Sparkling harmonics, incredibly low distortion and unequalled realismin the lower frequencies – it’s the huge, airy, three-dimensional soundavailable only in the finest high-end speaker systems and microphones
Rp 7.063.000
ATH - AD1000X
The ATH-AD1000X open back headphones offer a superlative listening experience. Feather-light and incredibly comfortable, these headphones gives you hours of stunning stereo listening, without fatigue.
Rp 6.849.000
K 701
Whether you prefer the holistic approach or like to listen analytically,
the K701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment. AKG is the first manufacturer in the world to use revolutionary flat-wire technology in headphones, namely, the K701
Rp 6.458.000
Headphone Wireless RS 180
A private, fulfilling home theater experience is easy with this audiophile-grade wireless headphone system. It provides lifelike sound reproduction, Automatic Level Control and balance control for up to 4 receivers
Rp 6.236.000

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Sonic Gear Headphone HP600
Headphone, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 32 ohms

Rp 125.000

Philips Neckband Headphones SHS390
SHS390, Headphone, 12 - 22.000Hz, 24ohm, 102dB, 3.5mm jack

Rp 180.000