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Portable Edifier MP 250 Plus
Sound To Go PLUS™ takes portability to a new level as an all-in-one micro speaker with a re-chargeable Lithium Battery and remarkable sound.  Encased in an elegant brushed aluminium chassis, Sound To Go PLUS™ features a 2 channel stereo with 2 full range 1.25” drivers on each channel (magnetically shielded). It also features a built-in ‘Class D’ amplifier and a 3” x 1.25” oval passive radiator. An auxiliary input enables the use of multiple host devices such as ‘smartphones’ and iPads (any MP3 enabled device).   Sound To Go PLUS™ is a self-contained portable mini speaker system that delivers exceptional audio performance above and beyond any built in laptop or tablet speaker.  Sound To Go PLUS™ is a great solution for home, business and travel use.
Rp 285.000
Edifier M 1250
Rp 110.000
Edifier AD5100
Audio input Stereo and 5.1 RCA Line-in ;Adjustment :wireless remote control for volume ,surround adjustment,power,sound effect modes and input 
Rp 5.551.700
Edifier C 1
Complete wooden housing for all speakers - Electronic Intelligence Distortion Control (E.I.D.C) inside - Built-in MCU control with multifunctional digital display - 6.5 inch driver for subwoofer with 2-way designed satellites- Magnetically shielded drivers for all speakers - Headphone jack available on amplifier, volume adjustable - Multifunctional IR remote controller included - Both 3.5mm and stereo RCA inputs available
Rp 915.000
Edifier C 3
With ever-changing consumer needs, the evolution of products is taking place at rapid pace. Conventional products can no longer satisfy wide spectrum of market needs. That's why at Edifier, we continue to strive to make a difference for our customers, to provide a new experience of luxury and high performance products at affordable prices for all. We believe in providing the best products to satisfy the high quality demanded by customers. This is the reason why the C3 was launched. Even with the positive feedback of C2, Edifier did not feel content but continued its innovation, whic is why you will not be able to find the same quality, same performance product for the same affordable price elsewhere in the market.
Rp 1.897.000
Edifier C6XD
5.1 Speaker System, RMS 8Wx4+10W+38W, =85dBA
Rp 3.316.600
Edifier E30BT
Multimedia Spinnaker 2.0 speaker system - Black
Rp 5.077.900
Edifier E3100
2.1 Multimedia Speaker System 
Rp 1.618.000
Edifier E3350 - White
2.1, 2X9 Watt/Satellite, 32 Watt Subwoofer, 50 Watt Max Power
Rp 950.000
Edifier H180
Frequency respons :20Hz -20KHz ,sound pressure level (SPL) 
Rp 118.450

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D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless Range Extender
Wireless N Access Point, 802.11g/n

Rp 504.000

Logitech G27 Steering Wheel
Gaming Racing Wheel, Real Leather and Stainless Steel Material, USB 2.0

Rp 4.830.000